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Hey Octob…..oh, wait. Where the hell did it go? November has crept up on me & I’m still wanting to wear as many Fall outfits as I can. With that being said, I decided to style a fab fall floral dress that I got from Target for only $10, TWO WAYS! I wanted to get as much use as possible out of this dress (which I bought from https://www.neonmello.com/collections/cheongsam), so I won’t be able to wear as much when the weather is -3 degrees. Let’s get to lookin’:





IMG_9108 (1)





First look: throwin’ a graphic tee over this patterned dress. I love this look because it gives it a really casual touch, but makes it fun, flirty, & comfortable. When everyone expects you to just throw a long necklace over this dress & call it a day, I decided to make it a tad edgier with this Boyfriend tee. Y’all, it’s even more cool because I personally made this tee AND sell them! You can shop this “Screw It” boozy tee HERE! I am so excited to introduce y’all to my brand, it has seriously been a long year getting this all together but all of your support has totally made it possible!


IMG_9077 (1)

IMG_9085 (1)

IMG_9078 (1)

IMG_9080 (1)

& for the second look! Kept it simple & clean. Lost the tee, kept the statement earrings, my fave pair of boots ($35 at Target BTW) & kept the pop of the blue purse! Although it’s Fall, (& weirdly now November) you can still rock a bright statement piece like this purse. And if you can find a matching teal card wallet, you might as well sling that over the purse. It really balanced out the deep purple and chestnut fall tones! You know I love giving anything & everything a pop of color! 

Y’all, this whole outfit cost UNDER $55! It has detail, it’s fun, & its the perfect get up for when we had those warmer October days! If you have a fave piece that you just LOVE wearing, I challenge you to dressing it up multiple ways! One piece can be so versatile! (Especially when it was only $10)

Thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to check out my boozy boyfriend tees HERE! (FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!) OH, & if y’all are etsy lovers, you can find my Etsy Shop HERE!

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