Oh packing…how I hate you. Really, packing is a love hate relationship. The love comes from the excitement of getting out of town & missing work for a few days. The hate…comes from having to pick and choose what to bring because you’re trying to beat the “check a bag” cost & fit all your prized pieces in one bag. It’s almost like airports are taking advantage of the Pre-Madonnas in this world…

The struggle is real.

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my family in Georgia! It was a total blast yet I was struggling hard on what to pack for this vacation. Because on one hand, I was trying to accomodate some expensive lens in the suitcase (all because I think I came across this Traxplorio | How to become a travel blogger blog), and on the other hand, I was vacillating between choosing the cameras and other electronic miscellania.

When I got to the airport, I realized that taking 20 minutes to think out exactly what I would need for the airport itself & the trip, was the best thing I’ve ever done. Here are 3 travel tips on how to prepare for take off the right way…

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I get it, we see those fierce ladies in the airport with 4 inch heels on & a fab outfit on…so we should do the same, right? NAH. We are completely capable of keepin’ our style game strong without being dressed to the nines. We have so many options in our closet, you just have to get your street style thinking cap on.

You need these few pieces...

Boyfriend Jeans of any kind. My favorite are these threadless ones from Target! Lightweight, comfortable, & chic as hell with the rips.

Walkable shoes. Low tops, hightops, you name it. These are my faves from Superga.

A light cover-up. I chose this plaid from target that cost me $10 in the men’s section. Light enough to wrap around my waist but heavy enough for the overly air-conditioned airplane.

The perfect tee. Whether it is a fun graphic one like the ‘Spritz all day’ one I’m wearing from Target ($5 on clearance, y’all!) or your favorite crewneck-this comfy yet chic tee is perfectly tucked into any pair of jeans.

Bandana Bandwagon. Simply to make the messy pony look chic & more thought out 😉 I have been adding a bandana to everything lately! & when you have crazy ass hair like me-it totally helps.

Lather that lipstick. Literally, no matter what you’re wearing, a pop of color to your lips adds the perfect touch to your airport look.

Add any additional accessories, & your airport style is ready to take flight…


If you’re crazy like me when it comes to getting to the airport WAY too early…then this tip is for you. I am someone that has the worst plane luck. No, seriously, ask my family, they refuse to fly with me. Whether it’s my flight getting canceled, delayed, or whatever the hell you can think of—–it happens to me. Anyways, this time around I made sure to have things to do while waiting for the plane & even on the plane itself.

A few entertaining things...

Make a pit stop. On your way to the gate, make sure to see where the nearest food places are. Grabbing a cocktail makes the airport fun…am I right?

Netflix & Chill. Netflix now has this STELLAR feature where you can download your episodes to your phone/ipad (some shows aren’t available for this) to be able to watch on the plane—wifi or no wifi! This made the waiting period fly by. Riverdale may or may not be my guilty pleasure 😉

Read a book. I know everyone on here is like…what’s a book? Nah, really. We are so attached to our phones…sometimes we just need a book in hand. A plane is a perfect time to take on this opportunity. And I don’t mean a kindle…seriously…there is nothing better than flipping through crisp pages & feeling the weight of a new book. The book I dug into was “A Tribe Called Bliss” by the fearless Lori Harder. This is a must read & is encouraged to be shared with your gal pals! You can follow along on Lori’s adventures, here!

Get your podcast on. Download FREE podcast episodes onto your phone or tablet! We all know by now that the Almost 30 Podcast is my favorite. I could listen to those chicks talk about life for days.

Check out my latest blog post to learn all about the #Almost30Nation!

Edit your pictures. If you’re a blogger, photographer, or anything in that realm…the airport & the airplane are the two perfect places to zone out & finish the work you’ve been meaning to finish. In fact, on the way back from Georgia, I edited all of these pictures in under an hour. I knew I wouldn’t want to when I got home, so without any distractions, I did the damn thing!

Are y'all still with me? ;)


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You bet your ass this is my biggest struggle. I have this tendency to buy a ton of new pieces when I am about to go on vacation…YIKES. Well, I’m still currently working on that issue…but hey, admitting is the first step, right? Ladies & gentleman…if you are going on a trip that is 5 days or less, checking a back is absurd. Really, it is!  

A few packing tips...

Roll your clothes. My lovely boyfriend taught me this one (which is also why I make him do it for me every vacation we take together) This technique really comes in handy when you have thinner items because it leaves space for your larger items. Once you’ve done that, you can tuck in your shoes to the side as well as chunkier items! Learn about My Happi Place and pick up other lifehacks from them.

Speaking of shoes. This is absolutely what takes up the most room in my suitcase. Mainly because I want to back multiple to go with each outfit. The best thing to do is take 30 minutes to plan out your outfits for the week. If you have a carry-on, choose only 2-3 pairs of shoes, & mix & match to see which go with which outfit. I like to think of picking two pairs of day shoes & one night shoe when you go out on the town! The same goes for any accessories. 

Hide that extra bag. Most airlines these days have basic economy. This usually means (I say that lightly because United has been tricking some frequent fliers with this rule as of late. DO YOUR RESEARCH) that you get a carry on & one personal item for free. So, for me, that’s a small roller bag & a backpack or larger shoulder bag. WELL, SHIT! Where am I going to put my camera bag & my purse? Your “personal item” is the perfect place to store extra little bags. Once you’re through security, just take them out & use how you usually would. Just be sure that when you are entering the plane, you have them tucked away so they don’t try to charge you for an extra bag.

& there you have it. I hope with these simple tips you have a little less stress in your life when it comes to all things travel. Now grab a drink, head to your gate, & enjoy wherever life may be taking you.

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