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Everyone who knows me or follows this blog knows how much I appreciate the world of social media. After watching the pilot of the new and upcoming show “Selfie” I realized how much I related to the character of Eliza who is addicted to everything and anything social media. “Selfie” focuses on the story of Eliza, a social media obsessed twenty something that thrives on the admiration from her 263,000 followers. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) Once she realizes that her “admirers” are not her true friends, she decides to rediscover what it’s like to build genuine connections with people, from the help of Henry who teaches her the importance of putting yourself out there in every day life. 

I totally related to Eliza in this aspect. When I first started http://www.chloes-cravings.com, I thrived on all of my loyal followers, getting attached, hoping they would love every post. I would make sure everything I published was perfect, rather then just being who I am. I realized it was time to let who I was shine through, and that was what would make me unique and my content interesting. After all, that’s how I’ve built all of my relationships outside of the social media world, so why not do the same while emerged in it.

On September 16th, I accepted the challenge to stay off of social media, no posts, no selfies, & no “Throw Back Thursdays”. (and yes, I struggled.) Pathetic? I DARE YOU.


Desperately, I wanted to post a picture of my new sale items, Nordstrom Rack, my fresh haircut, and even a picture of my cat and I(he’s the main man in my life). BUT, I didn’t. I used my time to reflect. I searched for auditions in the Chicago area, cooked dinner for my mom, listened to my favorite jazz standards, AND cleaned out my car! (See below…)



With my restraint, I am proud to say that it is possible to leave social media behind. Although I am a Fashion Blogger and am immersed in social media every single day, I know that it is not what keeps life going. Family, laughing, going on a walk, singing, and most importantly, living, is what encourages you to wake up every day. Social media is just a plus! We all can do it, but the real question is this, are you brave enough?


Join in on this adventure with Eliza on ABC’s new hit show “Selfie” by tuning in on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm/7pm Central for the Series Premiere! You can find a sneak peek by clicking this link— http://abc.go.com/shows/selfie








“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.”