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Blessed be the fruit. I am GIVING YOU ‘Handmaids Tale’ vibes….am I right?! No but on a real note, lately my stress level has been through the damn roof. I’ve stopped going to the gym in fear of not getting my work done, I’ve stopped meal planning because there is just no damn time, & I’ve even been avoiding hanging out with people because like I said…I NEED TO GET MY WORK DONE. A lot of this stress is stemming from stuff I can’t talk about just yet so bear with me… The only thing that has been keeping me sane are my favorite delta 9 gummies.

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I cannot get enough of this Kim and Proper dress! Doesn’t it just give you all the happy & fun feels? Yeah, I needed it immediately in my life & hanging in my closet. They have so many chic dresses to choose from, but for some reason, this one just spoke to me (okay haters, go ahead make fun of me that a piece of clothing speaks to me). I was at a time in my life 3 weeks ago where I needed, no not needed, craved some color in my life.

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When I first saw all of the dresses on Kim and Proper, I immediately headed for all of the black dresses I could find. I don’t know, for me, black is safe. It used to be I felt super sexy in black, & hey sometimes I do, but honestly, my closet lately has just been all drab & no zest…& anyone that knows me knows that I can bring the damn zest. So, WTF was I waiting for? 

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WHOOP, THERE IT IS! Zest is back in action. I chose this stunning “Poppy” dress from Kim and Proper…& let me tell you I am so glad that I did. When I stepped out of my door in this dress, I felt effing alive! I felt free, daring & like no one could get in the way of my day. More red dresses for homecoming can be found at Peaches Boutique. Laugh all you want, but I absolutely believe you can lift your mood by choosing to wear something you feel fan-fuckin-tastic in. 

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You know that saying…“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up”…I believe it now. I think it’s truly important to go through your wardrobe, especially as the cooler months start to creep in on us, & keep your favorite moody pieces. Then, look at where you can make room for some bright, vibrant pieces that will make you excited to get up in the morning & get ready for the week ahead. I can’t thank Kim and Proper enough for coming into my crazy life at the right time. I paired the rest of the look with a studded belt for even more of a pop, gold jewelry, a bright lip, & my most favorite boots from Alcala’s Boutique!

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Did I mention this fab dress has pockets?! GAME CHANGER.

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& to add to the zest, don’t forget to give a little peep show 😉 OWN IT. I hope you don’t take from this post…“oh, that’s a pretty dress”…yes it is, it’s amazing. But, I want you to realize that choosing some zesty, comfortable & breathable pieces for your wardrobe can be a game changer in your mindset. Find pieces that make you feel invincible…plain & simple. Thank you to the Kim and Proper team for your dedication to makin’ women channel their inner professionalism, beauty & sass! 

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