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HELLOOOO….IT’S ME…..I’VE BEEN LOSIN’ MY SHIT THESE DAYS AND I GOTTA SAY I’M SORRY (in the tune of Adele’s hit song, “Hello”). No, but really, sorry not sorry, honestly. I didn’t really get a chance to announce this in my last blog post because life get’s busy (but if you follow me on IG you know: shameless “follow me” plug inserted HERE)…MATEO & I MOVED TO LOSSSSS ANGELES!

It’s definitely one of the biggest decisions we’ve made together (besides whether or not to get chicken or carnitas at chipotle) & I gotta say, I’m feeling like we made the right decision. Damn, moving though, that shit is equal parts terrifying and stressful AF. So for future, if you have a partner in crime to do it with, you’re blessed. 


We’ve been here say… two weeks and I have to say, SO MUCH HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. The stress, the excitement, the exhaustion: it’s sensory fucking overload & I just simply needed a break. I wanted to enjoy the moment I was in, plus I was manifesting tons of stress about other things in regards to finding a job, finding the perfect place, & all the things you overly stress about at 26. With that, I can finally sit down at this computer, in the most perfect apartment in the most beautiful neighborhood, alone while my boyfriend is at work for a job he is passionate about, on a new couch we just bought, with the California breeze creeping in through my window…& tell you things I’ve learned in only the first two weeks of being here.  We all know that men do not care as much about grooming as women do, but that does not eliminate the importance of this task. A well-groomed man is a gentleman. Grooming must be a daily priority for men. Whether it is cleaning, shaving, hair trimming, or face masks, men should never neglect their appearance nor their cleanliness, all men need to have in their personals belongings the best manscaping tools. This advice is something I wish I had two Saturdays ago when we landed at LAX…so take it and run with it:

1. Answer the Call

No, not on your phone. Answer what the universe is trying to call and tell you. Mateo & I faced some really stressful shit 1 week before we moved here, to where it almost felt like bad luck to leave. At least, I felt that way. But, instead, I looked at it as the Universe telling us to get the fuck out and to GTFO NOW. So, we followed that…& now, well, once you land in that new place & breathe the new air, your new chapter awaits. 

2. Be Open to All Opportunities 

First, realize your worth, & then open yourself up to potential opportunities. We are two true hustlers and I gotta pat ourselves on the back for that. We have been nonstop trying to make genuine connections with people, without any expectation of an outcome—but just to CONNECT. LA is NOT the place to close yourself off, and honestly, anywhere new you go should be an opportunity to stay open. So, stay open, & you’d really be surprised at what doors open before you. 


3. Have a Fresh Perspective

I think when we have a huge transition in our life, we like to hang on to things that happened to us in the past in regards to jobs, relationships, & think that those experiences will be the same here or carry over. They won’t; if you choose to not allow them to. Try to let go of all of the negative that has happened & start this new chapter with a fresh perspective. Just because that one job really sucked in your old city, doesn’t mean this new job will. Give people & opportunities a chance…& most importantly…give yourself a chance to explore. If you want to get into a relationship in today’s day and age, here’s the guide for dating online for women.

4. Take Shit Day by Day

Cliche phrase…I know. But, in LA especially, I am already realizing that you just need to take things day by day. I mean, I have to admit, while writing this blog post…at one point I was like “Damn, I should be working on my acting website and acting profiles instead”…LIKE CAN SOMEONE TRANQUILIZE ME? Give yourself a freaking break. My advice when moving to a city like this? Take it in STEPS!

 Step 1: find your apartment. I’m sure you’ll love Marbella new build apartments.

Step 2: settle into that apartment.

Step 3: get a job.

Step 4: get to know your surroundings.

& I really believe once you do all of these steps, things will fall into place. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself or give yourself a hectic timeline. LA will still be here, auditions will still be here, jobs will still be here. You will not be your best at any audition, any job interview, or any ‘fun night out’ without being comfortable in your mind body & soul. 


5. Remove Any & ALL Negativity

This is my fiercest battle. I battle this literally all day everyday. One, I am absolutely someone that can gravitate towards the worst possible outcome. I think growing up as a performer, it’s the mindset you develop. “If I don’t get that role, then I will do this…” I would rather mentally prepare myself for the hurt that I’ll potentially face than think about the positive. It’s just something I struggle with, yet I am working on. But, I’ve realized, since I know that about myself, I can’t in no way shape or form be around people who offer any negativity in my life. I really am starting this new journey in a positive way, so any negative thoughts from anyone (due to their own insecurities) is just not going to fly. CUT THAT SHIT OUT OF YOUR LIFE & never look back.

Don’t apologize EVER for trying to lead a happy & healthy life. 


I hope all of you who are making a big move or thinking about it, take this advice. It’s only been 2 weeks & I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself. It’s okay to be scared shitless & have those moments where you feel alone. When you do, tap into those moments and remind yourself it’s normal. Remind yourself that a year from now you will be in a completely different place. Remind yourself that you’re already a bad ass for making the leap. So, celebrate with a bottle of wine, some gooooood binge worthy reality tv, and chill the f*ck out. (keep reading to find out my new exciting news!)


I AM BEYOND THRILLED to say that I am the new Social/Community Manager & Growth Hacker at HUM NUTRITION! It’s been a month long process leading up to this point, & during it all I’ve realized my worth & capabilities. Thank you so much to the amazing Chloe Leonard, who referred me without even knowing me. Your willingness to help is beyond appreciated. Check out her amazing branding & web design company HERE!

I will also be taking on two new social media clients here in LA! The possibilities are endless & I can’t wait to go on this ride!

Now…back to finishing my acting website…

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  • Kristi Gorski

    So proud of you!! This leap of faith is already paying off & you’re entering an incredible next chapter ❤️❤️ take your time to look around & realize how blessed you are! Love ya babe