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Okay, so let’s get real here. I’ve been feeling pretty unsatisfied with my body lately. I’m feeling a little pressure since I have to be in a swimsuit in Florida in a month- & let’s just say– I’ve been so busy building my brand, that working out has been non existent. I’m writing this after I just did a Jillian Michaels Level 1 30-Day SHRED. (& ladies, I can feeeeeeeeel the burn.) My point: I didn’t even want to post this outfit. (& all you bloggers out there who are gasping at what I just said because I’m not trying to portray myself as perfect…PUHLLEASE. Be yourself & get over it.) Now, maybe it’s because boyfriend jeans never really compliment anyone’s figure- or because I’m just having one of those days. But, my lovely friend, Jess (@dressjessilynn), encouraged me to NOT sell the jeans, & post this. & I realized, this is a great, comfy, outfit that all of you can relate to & need in your closet. So, to all you ladies out there who love your BF jeans; SCREW IT! Lets rock them together:



These awesome boyfriend jeans are a bigger fit for comfort! I ran around with Jess all day & wanted to feel relaxed (even though my brain was running a mile a minute.) I bought them at a steal for $30 at Saks Off 5th & couldn’t be happier. I added an H&M loose tee that I JUST bought on sale for $7. Loving the pattern & how I can either tuck OR tie the bottom. I love finding tops like this that are so versatile to either dress up or down.


I added my classic cardigan for some layering since it was seriously beautiful out. This little Olivia & Joy satchel was all I needed to run around with for the day. (P.s. Olivia & Joy is awesome! I bought this at TJ-MAXX for $20. I’ve had this for two years now & literally, the quality for something so low cost is awesome. I’ve seen $500 bags that look exactly like this.)



& there you have it. Because my fab friend Jess was able to boost my confidence a bit, this great outfit didn’t go to waste. I am fully dedicated to staying healthy & keep these workouts going. We all are beautiful in our own way- & sometimes we just need to surround ourselves with wonderful people to remind of us of that. Enjoy the beautiful weather & get yourself some Boyfriend Jeans!

XO CHLO SIG WITH STAR official copy

Outfit Deets: 

Jeans: Saks Off 5th $30// Top: H&M $7// Flats: TJ-MAXX $15// Cardigan: TJ-MAXX $10

  • http://theartfulattempt.wordpress.com artfulattempt

    I love that you decided to show this look! It may be casual, but you definitely rock it, and it looks put together while also comfy. Double yes!