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Summer is comin’ to an end & even though the sunshine will eventually fade, I know my smile is going to stay as bright as ever…even after drinking one too many glasses of red wine. A while back I mentioned the awesome teeth whitening company called, “Smile Brilliant”…& let me tell you, it’s totally brilliant!

smile brilliantI have always been someone that really stayed away from whitening products because of how terribly sensitive my teeth are, although some people lose their teeth so they need to use dentists that do implants to help them. Of course, I wanted whiter & brighter teeth, but nothing was cutting it & I found myself only able to last a week with a product until my teeth had finally had enough. Smile Brilliant has changed the teeth whitening game for me. If you were to know more about teeth whitening, you’d know that they not only make it customizable to your teeth with molds that you take of your teeth and send in; they also provide you with a de-sensitizing gel to apply AFTER you use the whitening gel. This is what I have been missing all along. After about 2 weeks, my teeth were brighter than I had ever seen (I think they even showed up the solar eclipse! 😉 Let’s take a look:


IMG_1253.JPG before 2



IMG_6767 new IMG_6773 new

How crazy is that change? And the best part is, I have NO sensitivity, another great advice I got is using peroxide gel teeth whitening and its a great way to get better results.
I am so ready to keep this process goin’. The process is SIMPLE! Smile Brilliant will send you your kit for you to make your dental impressions. You send those back in the paid return envelope that they provide for you, & within 3-5 days, you have your own custom trays to apply the whitening formula in! Plus, for your next session, you only have to order the product and can keep reusing your personal trays.

ANNNND here is a little bonus: You can enter my giveaway & get $20 off your kit by heading HERE & using the coupon code: chloe20  & you MUST enter your email to enter! This giveaway only lasts for 7 days so get on it! Y’all have to try this, your smile will thank you. Cheers!!!!