behind the blog

Chloe's Cravings is a lifestyle blog targeted towards the sassy, daring, & bargain-loving kind of chick. It all started in college after drinkin' one too many glasses of cheap wine. I needed a new outfit for a big audition I had (hence my background in Musical Theatre) but this poor college chick had NO money to spend. How in the hell was I going to leave a solid impression? The next day, after my hangover finally wore off, I got my ass to TJ-MAXX & left with multiple incredible pieces for an affordable cost. Mom was happy to hear I didn't max out the credit card (THANKS MOM) & the questions about where I scored my new pieces were endless.

I knew I had to spread the bug of bargain shopping.

Today, I am still a bargain shopper down to my core. While I am a 20 something-year-old gal working towards my own empire, I strive to expose all bargain craving chicks to stellar style, & most importantly, affordable finds! As my brand continues to grow, I will continue to highlight killer bargains, useful style tips, & push every woman to their very own style independence. Turning my cravings into passions never felt so good.

spring style
behind the tees

This brand became a real thing when I was bitchin' to a friend about how over the dating scene I was & in need of a strong cocktail. It also happened to be a moment where I had just found a stellar boyfriend style tee for a steal! Then, I thought, "Who said you need a man to rock an oversized tee!?"

That is when I mixed my wit, love for a glass of wine, & jaded view on dating a**holes...all into one.

VOILA! The Boyfriend Tee, Commitment Free was born. Boyfriend or not, a true independent chick has no boundaries when it comes to her self-expression. These comfy yet ultimately stylish tees require no commitment; just a confident chick wearing them. Booze in hand, rock these tees with boldness, ferocity, & a stylish 'tude-no apologies necessary.