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Hello Hydration.


I’ll say it once & I’ll say it again….I am always hesitant when it comes to trying new skin care products. One, I think it stems from total laziness of following a step by step guide & two; I simply get nervous that it will really interrupt my normal skin routine & affect my skin negatively. Especially in the skincare for the genitals, but I was happy to have a look at http://www.analbleachingexpert.com and read the reviews, I can absolutely say that it is safe and effective.

The Erno Laszlo Vitamin C Peel did the exact opposite. It hydrated my skin, made it soft, smell delicious, & I only had to apply the two steps twice a week. That is a total win win for me. I am thankin’ Influenster over & over for sending me this facial gold! With the winter months fast approaching, my skin is ready to take it on especially with the Carrot Seed oil that helps diminish dry & chapped skin. I have already noticed the new hydration in my skin, the brightening, & the reduction of my dark spots from previous acne scars. For $100, you are set for the winter months ahead. OR if you subscribe, you can have both phases for just $85! Take charge of your beauty and invest in this ASAP!