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And the first day of Autumn has officially arrived. Oh how I love nothing more then burnt Fall colors, booties, hats, and deep red lipsticks. Those are my major fixations. I am more then ready to put my Summer clothes away & begin apple picking, pumpkin carving, & cider drinking. First, let’s get started with how this outfit was “all things Fall” & was a hit on the streets of Chicago!



































This dress is the epitome of Fall. The burnt orange color is a major hit this season! I recently purchased this frock on….GROUPON! Yes, groupon! Best part is, it was only $14. It’s not only comfortable, but its versatile; tying it up or leaving it undone to flow freely in the Autumn breeze. I then added this blue studded belt that I bought at Crossroads Trading Co (my fave clothing recycle shop that you all know by now) for only $10! This gave me some more shape and added a pop of unexpected color to the frock.







































If this frock wasn’t fab & cheap enough- I added some flare with a hat from Forever 21, & some vintage booties also from Crossroads Trading Co. If you ask me, the top three Fall Fashion essentials are Frocks, Hats, and laced up heeled combats! Chic yet comfortable with a vintage twist.







And that’s all for now. Do yourself a favor this season and enjoy everything Fall has to offer. Do it all.

XO CHLO SIG WITH STAR official copy

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Groupon (Shop the Trends)$14; Hat: Forever 21 $10; Lipstick: Bobbi Brown; Booties: Crossroads Trading CO $20; Belt: Crossroads Trading CO $10