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The day’s pass & it keeps getting colder. I am LOVING it. What better way to start my sweater style out then with this fab sweater that I got for only $10? There is none. Let’s do this. I’ll admit, I am starting a company so I have to really be aware of what I am spending. I’m currently comparing pos systems and will save up to afford the best one. This top made me a proud bargain shopper without putting a hole in my wallet. 



I seriously am so excited about this sweater. It’s warm, & what caught my eye was the lace up detail & of course, the army green color. Two fab fall trends for this season in one? I’ll take it. I have been struggling lately because there are so many incredible Fall pieces that I am craving. With Fall, comes colder weather, with colder weather, comes heavier & thicker pieces, which usually means lots of mula. Don’t get me wrong, splurging on a coat for the season is sometimes unavoidable. But, there ARE ways to save money on those other Fall pieces that are on your cravings list! This piece was one of them. 




Then, to give it a little extra style, I added my leather jacket for a bit extra warmth, cargo pants, & simple black lace up booties. I’ve been experimenting with styles I found on sites like https://www.nitehawk.net/9-best-mens-down-jackets/ and I have to admit it’s working really well with the rest of my stuff. With this outfit & fabulous back drop, I was feelin’ like a strong independent fashionista who budgeted & became a bargain goddess. 





This look was equally comfortable, stylish, & affordable. When I saw this top at TJ-MAXX I knew it was going to be one of my top staple pieces for Fall— for such a low cost. You really can fill your Fall wardrobe with affordable pieces that are equally stylish & comforting. TRY IT! I dare you. STOP sacrificing style for price. 


  • Johanna

    Not only do I love this wall mural but I love the color of your sweater. Happy Monday girl!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Hey babe! Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response! Hope you had an incredible holiday! cheers!