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Does anyone else get excited before they head to an arcade? No judgement here. I wore this get up before heading to Dave & Busters for a birthday get together with friends & I am glad I did. I was feelin’ stylish yet glamorous all at the same time. Who say’s you cant be a gamer AND a stylish chick?





First, I started with my comfiest pair of booties just incase i was going to play the Jumpin’ Jackpot! (Ok I am getting super nerdy on you.) Then I added these new pair of leather leggings that I scored from Nordstrom Rack for only $11! (These were extra 25% off clearance! TAKE ADVANTAGE!) Instead of wearing simple black leggings I wanted to add a little flair by rockin’ these for a little extra style. AND I LOVE the zippers on the bottom! 




Let’s talk about this kimono. I have featured this piece before, & for good reason. I scored this piece at H&M for only $10 last winter, & it is still one of my number one Fall pieces in my closet! It is so warm, has a fab modern pattern, & FRINGE! Anything with fringe is a winner in my closet.





Last but sure as hell not least, this burnt boyfriend tee. We all obvi know how much I love Boyfriend tees, (which is why I started my very own line boozy BF graphic tees which you can SHOP HERE!) so when I found this tee for only $10 on sale at TJ-MAXX, I died. It is Harlowe & Graham & it could not be any softer. Love the color & love the oversized style which makes it super versatile! This kept me comfy & relaxed while I beat my boyfriends ass in every single arcade game.;) Note: Harlow & Graham is always at either TJ-MAXX or Nordstrom Rack. It is also decently priced when not on sale, and even more amazingly priced when on sale. Take advantage of fabulous designers like these who make quality pieces that do not break the bank!

& there you have it, a pop of red on my lips, a beer in hand, & I was ready to channel my inner child. CHEERS! (Sorry Mateo, but I killed you in skee-ball!)