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I think we can all agree that having good vibes around you at all times is a must. Whether it’s the people you surround yourself with, bathing in the sun, or wearing something that makes you feel positive about yourself. As a 23 year old STRUGGLING actress/singer/blogger/dreamer; I’ve come to the conclusion that wearing what I love to wear and surrounding myself with quality people are equally important. So why not rock this “GOOD VIBES” tee from Grayson Shop, some fringe & fun shorties, a sunflower, all tied together with one of your best friends doing the shoot for you. See, the two can fit together! Let’s get vibin’!































This fringe adds a super fun touch to fit in the the good vibes/free spirit style. You can get these shorties HERE! Let’s thank our local farmers market for this sunflower prop-ahhhh summertime! Work with what you have fashionistas!














Thats a wrap. If you’re a 20 something, I’ve got two tips for you. One, start weeding out the people in your life who just weren’t meant to be there, and TWO, embrace your lack of money and shop at http://www.grayshop.com ! Want this “Good Vibes” tee? SPLURGE HERE! (As if an $11 graphic tee is actually splurging)

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Outfit Deets: Top: Grayson Shop// Shorties: Dirty Rotten Vintage// Shoes: Steve Madden// Sunnies: Crossroads

Fab Photographer: Erin Doody// Follow at IG: doodsta