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AHHHH, the velvet and chenille trend. I mean, it’s just amazing. We can’t quit it. It not only makes you look like you dressed up or put effort into an outfit, but it makes for the perfect holiday style.

Quick Fact: Chenille is a fabric that is made of tufted velvety cord or yarn.

Made from cotton and acrylic, this fabric is DAMN soft! 

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So, you may be thinking….“Yes, I love the velvet and chenille trend, but places like Anthropologie make it SO unaffordable just for 1 style!” And yeah, your brain is right. Big companies like Anthropologie are totally KILLIN’ the game when it comes to these soft pieces, but they’re also demolishing all of our velvet/chenille dreams by emptying our wallets. Where am I gettin’ at? Let’s just say I scored my first Chenille piece for only $15 the other day, & now you can too! 😉

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OKAY, HOW AMAZING IS THIS CHENILLE PULL OVER?! You guys, I scored it for $15 at TJ-MAXX the other day. It is so warm, comfy, versatile, & I am dying to have it in every color. You can get this piece HERE in powder blue or a beautiful olive! 

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I paired the rest of this look with my OTK boots, some black tights, OTK knit socks, and a classic leather skirt. I was comfy all day long while enjoying a trolley around Chicago & the “Cheeky Rose” from Backpack Wine!

Check out my favorite Chenille and Velvet pieces from TJ-MAXX below! Better yet, all these pieces are under $30 so give them a click & get to shoppin’!