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Indulging on the weekends are a must & if you’re looking for a place to do it, look no more! Nini’s Deli  is a Chicago eatery that my boyfriend & I thankfully discovered. Located on Noble Street, you will drive past their iconic pink wall (perfect for bloggers) & walk in to find the aroma of specialty coffee roasters, unreal sandwiches, & an energy that is unapologetically addictive. 

One sec…walkin’ to the front door…

nini's deli  nini's deli

nini's deliOkay, phew! I made it.

A little bit about this place: half Cuban & half Mexican, the radiating spirit of the owner Juan Elias-Riesco, instantly sets you up for a damn good experience. He takes time to tell each one of his customers the story of this family-owned Chicago eatery, the inspiration behind the cuban/mexican recipes, & the delicious specials for the day.

It doesn’t stop there. While he tells the history behind Nini’s Deli, he is also running the cash register, serving the food, seating his guests, & making sure that every customer is as happy as they can be, they even have pizza delivery service So, if you don’t want to wait, then get out…because this guy makes sure everyone knows that the food is made with love & LOADS of flavor.

We couldn’t appreciate this more. 

nini's deli

& it was worth the wait. In fact, Mateo & I said we would wait a million times over just to give our taste buds that euphoric experience again. We started with the famous cafe con leche. THIS SHIT IS CRACK. No, really, I don’t know what crack is like but hey if this was it, I’d be screwed. Topped with whipped cream & a sprinkle of cinnamon, it was the perfect start to one of our favorite meals we’ve ever had. 

nini's deliFirst, we bit into the perfectly hot chicken empanada.  Filled with pulled chicken & cheese, we were so impressed with how even the crust was perfectly seasoned. It came with a side of homemade salsita verde & the most addictive chipotle aioli; gone in three seconds flat. 

nini's deli

Cue the drool. We made one of the best decision of our lives & decided to go with the special for the day called “The Kitchen Sink”. Filled with shredded beef, ham, homemade pickles, pickled jalapenos, avocado, smoky chipotle aioli, & perfectly snuggled in between two pieces of toasted artisan bread; we instantly came to the conclusion that THIS was the best meal we’ve had in months. This deli was just as delicious as Nina’s.

ninis deli (12 of 13)My face after finishing. I made a point to go & thank the happy go lucky Juan for completing my Saturday. & if you want to check this cool guy out, head to his Instagram where you can also take a look at his rad clothing line called Chicago Native. (My boyfriend already purchased a hoodie.) Hey, I think one his beanies would look sick with my Lit tee from my own graphic t-shirt line…I sense a collaboration comin’ on! 😉

ninis deli (10 of 13)

ninis deli (11 of 13)Needing to rest after loads of flavor I just endured, it was time to chill in front of the iconic pink wall for a shameless photoshoot. Dressing casually is the only way to go. When you have that level of indulging, jeans are a must. I paired the rest of the look with a sweater cardi, some dainty jewelry from jacobmercari.com.

nini's delinini's deliThis is a Chicago eatery that you seriously cannot avoid. Open Tuesday-Saturday 8am-6pm, you must get your foodie lovin’ asses there.

chicago eatery

was off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday feeling inspired by Juan’s love for food, flavor, & family. 

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