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Oh how I love a good pair of joggers. They’re comfy, something other then jeans or leggings for the cooler weather, & they make me feel cool AF. These ones are special because of this feminine floral detail on the side that really makes a statement. They are also just as special because they kept me comfy as hell while I filled myself with nachos & an unlimited amount of beer at Lagunita’s Brewery this past weekend. 

EE340214-B50C-4F0E-B716-35BFF091B658I recently collaborated with this awesome company called, Groopdealz. This is an online company that sells online sellers clothing, decor, jewelry…all at a lower cost. I absolutely love this concept because it gives online sellers a chance to sell their pieces on another platform other then their own site which just leads to more exposure. You even set it up as your own online boutique! Want to sell your pieces on Groopdealz? Head HERE!

While scrolling through an unlimited amount of amazin’ pieces, I finally settled on these joggers from the online seller, Liam & Co. Holy shit, their pieces are too damn good. The greatest part about Groopdealz is it tags the seller’s site so you can see where your pieces are coming from. I am pumped because I now am a forever fan of Liam & Co. Originally $35 on the Liam & Co. site, Groopdealz had these perfect joggers on special for $21.99 plus $3 shipping! If you don’t think that’s a steal, welllllllllll you got issues. It’s important to keep in mind that these are all FLASH DEALS: which mean the deal eventually ends or stops when it’s all sold out. So, if you throw somethin’ in your cart & let it sit for two days, the item will most likely be gone. 

I decided to pair these perfect pants with these fun velvet high tops from Target. I got these babies for only $15 on sale! Thank you target, thank you for always makin’ my wallet lighter every time I leave. 


There you have it. The next time you are lookin’ for some stellar pieces for a flash deal cost, Groopdealz is the place for you & your wallet. Several beers later, I was comfy with the best beer buzz, ever. Happy Tuesday!


  • http://www.alohalovely.com Julie Estrella

    Such a cute look! Comfy but chic. Aloha girl!

  • http://funinthecloset.com/ Chloe

    This is such a cute atheleisure look! I LOVE the joggers and velvet sneakers! They make such fun combo! :)

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/florals-for-fall/