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Y’all: my stress level these days. I’m so over myself. No for real- have you ever been just annoyed with yourself?! ME! Omg I’m totally PMSINGOkay, so because I love TJ-MAXX so damn much-I was thrilled when a simple $10 shirt inspired my mindset. Corny as shit but true as shit. Thanks TJ-you my bottom. 

It’s taken me some time to really clear my mind & realize I need to focus on the fun times, the best times, the good times. As mid 20 millennials, we focus so much on paying that next bill, student loans, getting tons of likes on that latest insta photo, and so on. What if we just took all of that pressure away and let the good fucking times roll?

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I recently met with this amazing woman, Maia, (if you’re reading this-you rock) whose outlook on life & the business is so inspiring. We talked and talked about her journey, her mistakes, & how to do things differently then she did. We got to hear her successes, failures, & successes that seemed like failures at the time but now are huge accomplishments. She talked about how living in the moment is everything; to ENJOY the place you are in rather than harping on the past of what you could have done better. As an artist, these truthful words nailed me.

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To be in a room with a person who fills it with light & laughter, to hear and see first hand that she’s happy, even if things didn’t go exactly as planned, saves me. We put so much fucking pressure on ourselves, in whatever field we are trying to be in, but ESPECIALLY the performing world, to be the fucking best. We want to be famous by the age of 25. We would feel justified if everyone knew our name. We want to book roles like it’s a walk in the park. 

The point is, enjoy the moments in between the struggle. While you’re trying to get where you truly want to be, enjoy everything while you’re getting there. Maia made such a good point: we look at those famous actors & we only hear their success stories…not their struggles…not the number of pilot episodes they booked and never got picked up to go to series, not the shitty jobs they worked, & so on.

So, while we go through this journey, go to that new bar & and get drunk, go to the beach & feel the breeze, go see that show & support fellow actors, find other passions to feed your hunger for creativity, & have good times. Life goes so damn fast (hell I can’t even believe it’s almost September). Wouldn’t you rather live a life that was full of experiences & unforgettable moments than a life that is safe, lonely, and bitter? I know which one I am going to choose-& I hope you do too. 

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good times 2 (1 of 3)
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  • Paige DiTullio

    this post is everythingggg! love your outfit and the message within the post :)


      Thank you so much, Paige! Means a lot! Hope this post inspires you and finishes your week off the right way! xo