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Today’s “My Mood Monday”, has got me feeling excited and motivated to post about an amazing new Skin Care product that I discovered out in L.A while interning for Blue Eyed Entertainment, (click here to check out BEE!.. you’ll find me on there as well!)

mereadesso 2

This skin care line is called, “Mereadesso” and the founder of this product is Linda Stephenson, who created this line with ingredients like green tea, vitamins, essential oils, and more.

Based in Canada, Mereadesso is the new trendy skin care line that battles scars and lines, and breaks skin care down into only one step, which is why this is considered the, “One Step Skincare”. Trust me, after reading this, you’ll see that Mereadesso is the replacement for eye serums, morning creams, night creams, and MORE.

mereadesso 3

I truly love this product because it is the ingredients are fresh and meant to be used on your skin! Mereadesso doesn’t include any of the extra “junk” that we can’t pronounce on the back of the labels of store bought brands. Here is the list of the products below:

All in One Moisturizer:


Curious? Check out the list of ingredients here!

This Moisturizer is incredible because it is ALOE BASED, and works as your eye serum, your face lotion, and since it is made with white tea extracts, and it has a little bit of a green tint( which is the chlorophyl- which is added to plants to make them green!) which diminishes all redness on your face! This ingredient is used instead of a dye because it is much healthier for your skin! I use it every morning and night after washing my face, and it refreshes me like no other face lotion has before.

Face & Neck Cleanser:

List of ingredients here!

Here's the case it comes in with the face washing cloth!
Here’s the case it comes in with the face washing cloth!

This cleanser is seriously the ultimate face cleanser. It not only gets off the dirt of the day, but it even takes off your eye makeup, especially your mascara! Not many face products do this, and I love it because it comes with a plastic zip bag to hold the bottle(which you can later on travel with!), but also to hold the grey cloth that you use to gently rub in the cleanser, making your face extra soft & extra clean. Another thing about this cleanser, is that it is Aloe based, and you’ll notice when you put it on your face, it doesn’t foam like other store bought products do, showing you that it is made with incredible essential oils. Remember, just because a product foams and may look like its cleaning your face, doesn’t mean it is.

Body Balm:

body balmFor ingredients, click here!

This is my favorite product of the Mereadesso Line. This body balm works as your every day lotion, and it also diminishes scarring. I have a stretch mark on the side of my hip, and have already noticed it getting lighter! The Body Balm doesn’t have a strong smell, which gives you as much use as possible. I use it on my legs and body everyday, and love the shine it gives to my body as well as a healthy look!

Lip Treats:

clear lip treats
Clear Lip Treats
Tinted Lip Treats
Tinted Lip Treats

For ingredients, Click HERE!

These have been my go to lip balms lately! Made with oils like grape seed, coconut, primrose, and more- these have kept my lips perfectly hydrated. I also love colored lip balms, and Mereadesso has two colors that you can check out below! I absolutely love these, and they give you an automatic effortless color for any occasion and any day!

mereadesso 1

All I know is that Mereadesso has been an exciting new product for me to get into, and I truly do love it. It has changed the texture of my face and has constantly made me feel hydrated and clean. It’s time to let go of the store bought brands, and start using a product that is worth using on your skin!



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    These sound pretty good :)

    • http://www.chloescravings.wordpress.com chloescravings

      Definitely check it out! It’s seriously an incredible product!