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The time has come to blog the most appealing colored little piece of paper of all time: RED TAGS. What do red tags mean you might ask? It means CLEARANCE, the greatest word ever  invented. The other day I headed to Nordstrom Rack ( located in the Empire Center in Burbank, CA) on a whim! Little did I know I would get slammed with red tag clearance. I think this might have been my luckiest trip to Nordstrom Rack yet! Below you will see what I found, designer, and prices. Let me leak the items that I got the best deal on, have you ever heard of Alexis Bittar? ( to check these out visit: http://www.alexisbittar.com) He makes incredible (extremely pricey) bangles that are fab and chic. I found those beauties  hanging helplessly on a jewelry rack, just waiting to be cared for. How much were they originally? $345…How much did I get them for?….

$10 EACH!!!!!!!  Almost seems illegal. (see below)

Top: Joe’s Jeans

Original Price: $172

DEAL: $23.98

Savings: 86%

Scarf: Steve Madden

Original Price: $36.00

DEAL; $9.97

Savings: 72%

Belt: LuLu

Original Price:$14.00

DEAL: $2.10

Savings: 85%


Original Price: $24.00

DEAL: $3.60

Savings: 90%

Bangles: Alexis Bittar

Original Price: $345

DEAL: $10

Savings: 97%

Bangles: Alexis Bittar

Original Price: $345 each


Savings: 97%

Earrings: Kate Spade

Original Price: $58.00

DEAL: $19.97

Savings: 66%


Original Price; $12.00

DEAL: $1.80

Savings: 85%

Knee highs for 100% off…have you even heard of something so life changing? Price: .01 cent 😉