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Hey Fashion lovers. How is everyone handling this up & down weather? It’s been taking everything in me to one: go out, & two: go out in something other then leggings. Yeah, I said it. The other day I was inspired to go out & enjoy myself in something other than sweats because the temp was actually above 40 degrees! I thought, “How can I wear this outfit WITHOUT my chunky winter coat?” Let’s see how I did it:





Thankfully, with the windy city in full affect, layering like this kept me perfectly warm. I decided to throw this Top Shop shawl over a long sleeve body con sweater dress! It took this dress to a more casual level which is what I wanted while running around before a little dinner date! I found this gorgeous shawl at Nordstrom Rack for only $20, all because I waited to dive into all of the new Winter finds that all of us are so tempted to get our hands on. Y’all, just WAIT IT OUT. You won’t believe how many of your favorite stores will have a “winter sale” weeks after Christmas because their Spring stock is already on its way in.







I ditched an open toe heel & rocked my fave target booties that I got for under $25! They were seriously the perfect touch for running around. I originally wanted these at Target when they were $50, decided to wait, & then scored them when Target had their 50%  off all booties sale! I think this patience thing is really starting to grow on me. (Those that know me well will laugh their asses off reading this.)



& for those sassy details…this choker was a total show stopper. I saw it at TJ-MAXX a couple of months back but decided to wait until it went on sale! & VOILA! I got it for $12. Look at what a little patience can do.(; Then, I literally tied the whole outfit together with this fringe belt that I got for only $1 at H&M! Yes y’all, $1! Y’all know by now I am a serious scavenger when it comes to the H&M sale sections! (Why in the world would I spend $20 on a small necessity like a belt?!) Again, patience baby!



& there you have it. Because I decided to channel my inner patience, I bought this whole outfit for literally under $50! This left room for me to splurge a bit on my night out & other errands that I ran that day. Look, there is always going to be those pieces that we have to splurge on because they are a total necessity; but there are other pieces that you truly can wait a week & it’ll be marked down instantly! Use your eye & your fashionable brain to get the best bang for your buck!