Alright y’all, it’s a new beautiful week! I have been bursting all weekend because I’ve been dying to write this post. You know you’ve been affected in a positive way when you try really hard all weekend to apply all that you’ve learned from a life altering event. I did just that, & it’s finally time to share it with all of you. 

Let’s rewind to last Thursday…

My upbeat friend Alissa invited me to go to a live podcast with her. She swore that this podcast has really changed the way she lived & looked at life. I, at first, said “sure!”…really just being a supportive friend; not totally invested in this podcast concept….yet. We got ready, threw on some cute outfits, did a quick shoot, (because in the blogger world…you have to document anytime you are wearing something other than sweatpants) & off to the podcast we went!

almost 30 podcastalmost 30 podcast

The event started off with some amazing goodie bags (Special thanks to the stellar goodies from Sweet Green, Lori Harder, Hum Nutrition, & Love Suja) alongside a room full of fearless women. We were greeted, without hesitation, by the fabulous women of the “Almost 30” Podcast, Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams.

Instantly, you feel the warmth.

This vast group of women, once intimidating to you five minutes prior, are now a group of ferocious and fabulous warriors.

The podcast begins with a small breathing exercise to willingly let go of all the negative aspects that have happened in the day. Maybe you had a bad day at work? Maybe you tripped on the sidewalk on the way to the event….well, breathe it out and…




the pursuit of wellness

The event quickly shifted to the topic of ‘wellness’.

What is wellness? Really, what do you think it is?

I’ve now learned that wellness is everything BUT being a size 0. Lindsey and Krista, without resistance, share their stories and struggles that they’ve endured with wellness. Their willingness to shed their light and open up about the negative moments they’ve had in life instantly sparked the most fulfilling conversation I’ve been a part of in months. 

One by one, powerful women in the room are sharing their stories, sharing their heartaches, their fears, and their setbacks. When I say “sharing” I mean leaving their heart on the damn floor, without any fear of it being judged or stomped on.  One by one, each woman is coming to the realization that they are not alone. 

I don’t want it to end. 

I grew up acting and being around people who were very open about their feelings. I always had this skewed perception that I was an open book because I am an “actor”. This is the first time I’ve experienced such willingness to share pain and struggles in a room with people who didn’t have a degree in performance. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve experienced a true sense of unity, compassion, and humanity…amongst strangers.

I head home, cleanse my crystal in the moonlight (we got one in our goodie backs…I am a total crystal newbie!) and instantly start to contemplate how I can increase my wellness. How can I better myself? How can I make sure that every day, I am finding something I am thankful for? Here’s what I decided…

Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes.


the pursuit of wellness

Wellness isn’t…

being thin. Signing up for a workout class that you really don’t want to do but are “doin’ it for the ‘gram”. Surrounding yourself with a ton of people you call ‘friends’ coming to realize half of those people piss you off. Masking any feelings of negativity and pretending you’re ‘okay’. (Are any of us really 100 percent ‘okay’)?

Wellness is… 

going to that workout class because it makes you feel good. Taking 15 minutes to yourself to reflect on the day ahead and never stepping one foot out the door with a negative light (Something Lindsey said at the live podcast!) Surrounding yourself with quality people rather than quantity. Believing in yourself and trusting your instincts. Never seeking approval (still working on this one) Choosing the first positive thought rather the negative (very much working on this one) Choosing to be healthy and happy. 

Sometimes, it simply takes women speaking up first to make you realize you are not alone. You are one small part of this earth, you are human, and being granted this beautiful life another day is enough. Thank you to those women who shared their stories.

To Lindsey & Krista… 

THANK YOU. First, I am proud to say you both stole my podcast virginity (hope it was as good for you as it was for me) and I listened to my first podcast episode ever over the weekend. For all of you that are hesitant, just fucking do it. Here is the amazing episode I listened to featuring the fearless Candice Kumai…and it’s ALL about redefining wellness! You can listen to it for FREE on Soundcloud if you’re on a desktop…Click HERE!

almost 30 podcast


& to my beautiful plant loving positivity seeking friend, Alissa…

You are amazing, kind, and such a special person in my life. Thank you for knowing I needed something like this in my life and thank you for being one of the truest friends I’ve ever had. 

That’s a wrap y’all. Now, I challenge you to go and rethink the way you choose to wake up every day. Sit and really think about what wellness means to you. You are strong, awesome, and really can do anything you put your damn mind to. Go conquer all that you want and do it with kindness, positivity, and strength. 

P.S. The Almost 30 podcast is currently on tour, so check them out HERE to see if they’re headed your way! You can also follow them on Instagram as well as join in on the Almost 30 Facebook community! 

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