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STOP RIGHT THERE WINTER. I know you want to quit; especially after that 70 degree day where none of your winter coat bullshit was needed. Ain’t no thang Winter, I got this whole Spring style transition thing handled. 




Let’s get real here. We are ALL ready for Spring. Transition pieces are the worst. I find myself in the biggest dilemma sayin’ to myself alone in my apartment “KK girl do we put the winter boots & big ass sweaters away…or is Mother Nature going to be a total conniving bitch again tomorrow? Hmmm.” Yes, there are bigger problems in my life that I should be dealing with—but hey, I want to help out the people who sweat(like me)about that non-important shit sometimes too; like how to transition into Spring & not regret putting your heavy as hell pieces away. Keep reading, there is some logic in my potty mouth.





First, keep a hat. Just keep a damn good hat that you can grab ASAP when the weather is playing mother effin’ mind games with your bad self. This way, you can put all of your winter beanies away & upgrade your accessories a bit to fit more for Spring. Second, a bright lip. ALWAYS A BRIGHT LIP. Put that dark emo shit away (which I love by the way) & make your beauty routine transition into Spring, too! A bright lip really upgrades any winter look into a Spring one. (I personally LOVE the bright lip tint from Tarte Cosmetics that I am wearing!)





Three, keep 1 or 2 fave pair of booties at reach. By doin’ this, you can ditch your winter boots & bulky rain boots & instead rock a closed toe shoe. You’re still keepin’ warm if the weather goes to shit, & if it’s beautiful; you can rock them with your fave pair of high waisted jean shorts. It’s a win win, please don’t ef this part up for yourself. Four, replace your dark washed jeans with your light washed jeans! I scored these at H&M recently for only $20…proceeded to buy multiple pairs…& am now confident in letting go of my dark winter denim for the season. (You’re lookin’ at a chick who struggles to let go of anything…LOL.)





Five, adding pops of color! This is where most of us struggle. We get nervous to let go of those dull winter pieces (which are totally amazing when winter first hits) but then it’s like, kay the holidays are over I need to…one: get my summer bod happenin’ & two: get off the couch & breathe some Spring air. It’s time to let go of dull & get BOLD. By adding this lightweight button floral top ($5 at H&M by the way), pastel teal Steve Madden bucket bag, & some jewels to finish off the look: this is a total Spring transition success. BOOM BITCHES. It was that simple.

Everyone, if you’re starting to Spring clean—then just follow the guide above. I don’t know it all…but sometimes I’m pretty mother effin spot on. 😉 Share your spring clean outs with me on Instagram: @chloescravings