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These past couple weeks have been totally insane. Between work, rehearsals, the blog, & attempting to have a tiny bit of a social life: I have constantly been on the go. But hey; being busy is a good thing! And with that being said, POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try at the perfect time. Let’s take a look:


POPSUGAR really hooked me up with this one because it was the perfect box for the gal on the go! 


First off: I am obsessed with this “Who Am I?” celebrity guessing game by Wild and Wolf! You can join in on the fun by purchasing it HERE! It was the perfect activity while enjoying Coronas on the porch with my girlfriends. & for a little snack: These NON GMO Sriracha “pressels”  that we indulged in; guilt free. Of course, you need something to open your booze with-& it’s safe to say I would wear this bottle opener as a necklace; thats how much I LOVE it. As a bartender, it is my favorite part about this box! Sisters of Los Angeles had my heart with this “Cheers” opener & it fits perfectly in my bag for when I am on the go. I have already gotten loads of compliments on it & can never have enough gold accessories! They have the perfect boozy accessories for your patio & plenty of stylish decor! 


Between a healthy snack, a fun game, & something to open up the booze with; I had the perfect intimate patio party. 

IMG_6775 (1)



Every girl on the go needs a versatile & easy to pack cover up. This printed Sarong from Hat Attack is super light to where I feel like I am wearing nothing! Tying it in different ways; it folds up perfectly to fit in my bag. & you can also use it as a blanket to lay on in the sand if you don’t want to bring a bulky beach towel! You should totally check out Hat Attack’s site for awesome beach accessories that not only make you look fab, but keep you protected from the Sun. 


These 3 items are the ultimate on the go goodies. 1.This compact mirror from Knock Knock is  much easier to use at the beach instead of the camera on my phone! With a zoomed mirror at the top & a regular focus on the bottom; it’s perfect for checkin’ yourself out at the beach! 2. Oh my YES! How many of us throw our deodorant stick in our purse last minute for those really hot days?! I know when I am sweating my booty off at work- I totally need a refresher. I brought these Pacifica wipes to see if they passed the test; they were super refreshing, smelled amazing, & were clump free. It’s safe to say they passed with flying colors. AND they have no aluminum with a vegan based formula! 3. Last but not least, this NCLA Popsugar exclusive “Born on the 4th” Nail lacquer! Cruelty free, this polish will totally be shown off on my toes & fingers this 4th of July! All of these goodies fit perfectly in my bag; & will all be making an appearance at the beach this holiday weekend!

Hope you all have a fab weekend & are fully convinced that this box is your go to package for the busy kind of gal. 



Hat Attack Sarong: $58

Sisters of Los Angeles Bottle Opener: $12

Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Games “Who Am I?”: $12.95

NCLA Nail Lacquer: $16

Knock Knock Compact Mirror: $10

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes: $9

Pressels: $1.29