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Guys, where did the time go? I cannot believe we are approaching football season. It’s time to Buy Football Tickets with Football Ticket Pad. I have already noticed some leaves starting to change on the trees around the city. I am so ready for it. (Especially since today is 93 degrees & damn HUMID.) So, since I have some southern roots, I whipped out one of my fave summer dresses that all of you southern gals can wear if you’re pregaming/tailgatin’ for a game in the South. Let’s be honest, it’s still hot as hell in the South AND those southerners love to dress UP for a game rather then dressin’ down. 



This boutique dress is a total gem. One, it’s comfy, to the point where no bra is needed because of the ruffle top. Two, it can be warn in a more casual setting with some sick sandals (aka: a football game) or dressed up for a cocktail hour! Three, it’s the colors of Syracuse (where I went to college) AND Auburn (where my sis went to college!) WARRRRRR EAGLE.  



This get up is the PERFECT tailgate dress because it isn’t super thick for the hot weather & I can totally move around in it. All I need a is cold beer, shot of fireball, & a hot dog to keep that pregame tailgate going all night long. If you’re a southerner out there & are sick of getting dressed up for games, think again! I encourage you to find a piece that is off the shoulder like this so you can get away with wearing no bra yet still feeling dressed up & most importantly, comfy! 




I finished the dress off with some stellar jewelry & tan heels. I didn’t need much in the shoe department because the design of the dress is super fun & detailed. (Adding a detailed shoe would be much too busy). These are also one of the comfiest pairs of heels I own due to the thick heel, which makes sinking in the grass IMPOSSIBLE while playing beer pong! 

& there y’all have it. Southern gals, don’t fear your team’s tailgates, be smart! Dress for YOU without sacrificing your sense of style!


  • http://www.amusedblog.com/ Amber of A Mused Blog

    I love the print! It’s still super hot here in Northern California too. Very cute dress. Hope you had fun!


    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Hey girl! I am so SO sorry for the late reply. My comments never were emailed to me. My apologies, and thank you thank you for the love. XO

  • http://www.fabeveryday.com Fab Everyday

    So cute! And so true about tailgating in the south!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Hey babe!

      So it looks like I am JUST seeing these comments, my email server was down and I never knew these existed. :( So so sorry! I appreciate the love!