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Holy shit….I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week. It’s like all of us style lovers were pumped to rock Fall clothes in October….& then that came & went. 

Alas, we are all scurrying to find a perfect turkey day outfit, but WHY?! We will all most likely be with the people we love the most & therefore are most comfortable with, so why sacrifice any of that for dressing to the nines? 

When it comes to being with family & eating a shit ton of delicious grub, being in a dress sounds close to insanely miserable. Yes, I’ll put makeup on and some over the knee boots, but jeans & a stylish crewneck is my choice & to me, the most comfortable way to go. I am so in love with this crewneck because it has a special touch with the floral jewel detail as well as the puffed sleeves to give it a festive feel. It doesn’t hurt that this crewneck was literally $10 at TJ-MAXX. Awwww yes, that DOES mean more bucks to spend on wine!

All I really had to do to complete this look is add my comfiest pair of jeans & one of my best friends to complete my thanksgiving vibes & blessings. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, count your blessings, avoid political chats at the dinner table, & eat & drink till you fall asleep! 


  • Lauren Roberts

    I’m all for casual thanksgiving! I mean you’re eating all that food, no need for fancy then. haha.