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Getting blue-sy with this outfit.  I say that in the lamest way possible. I’ve been feeling pretty down lately (no this is not going to turn into a journal entry) So I decided to own the way I felt by throwing on a flirty outfit and strut down the streets of Wrigleyville. I know you’re all like… “this bitch dresses up when shes feeling down-what about sweatpants? What about a tub of icecream?” But ladies, making yourself feel good and pretty, is the new ugly. Forget the sweatpants, forget the college hoodies, and own yourself. My mom helped me do just that by finding this gorgeous kimono that is from the one and only teen bopper store….HOLLISTER. Yes, I admit it. Give it a chance & keep looking:





















Paired this flowy kimono with some jean shorts to give it that casual feel- but of course had to add some fringe booties to make myself feel powerful. I was feeling feisty & free with the bell sleeves and all of the fringe! Taking on my blues by storm.






































My advice to all you girl bosses out there: If you’re ever in a funk….dress up. As my favorite saying goes, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” MUAH!









XO CHLO SIG WITH STAR official copy

Outfit Deets:

Kimono: Hollister $20; Shorts: Akira $20; Necklace: Vince Camuto $20; Shoes: DSW $30