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Ever find yourself lookin’ way too drab at the airport as you walk by a chick with fabulous skinnies on, those casual yet chic sunnies, and that red lip to add the “oh, I just threw this together” look? Well, let’s put an end to wearing your college sweatpants to the airport…NOW.


cheetah 8


cheetah 4

cheetah 3

cheetah 2




































































Let’s talk. This is simple…and cheap! These comfortable pants were on sale for $10 at H&M, surprisingly not see through, and a fabulous way to wear a sweat like pant by rocking the cheetah pattern. I added a plain white muscle tee from H&M, (on sale for 3$) and threw on a pendant for a unique touch. I took my most comfortable booties instead of those old navy flip flops that we all love to resort to for the airport, and had no problem getting them off and on for Security. (One day I will be able to skip all that nonsense when I have my own private jet. One day people, one day.) Rocked my glasses, pinned my hair back straying away from a messy bun, and added my leather jacket instead of a frumpy hoodie.
This outfit was the perfect pick for the airport because it let me walk off the plane in style, not needing to rush to the hotel to get ready for a quick bite to eat. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look fab while you fly, so do it, you never know who you will meet, a pilot, perhaps? (;