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As I write this post, I am drooling. I had the opportunity to hang out with a new found friend, Sam, who happens to be a personal chef! One of her FAVE things to make is sushi! Anyone who knows me, knows that sushi is life in my book. After putting that first piece of fresh salmon in my mouth, I got to thinkin’: What if you could have the luxury of gourmet sushi in your home while in pajamas, sipping wine, & enjoying your girlfriends at the same time? I’m gonna show you how you can EASILY make that happen, the best kind of comfy clothes to wear, AND 2 of many of the rolls that Sam can make to impress your girlfriends!




First things first: fresh ingredients. Sam provides all ingredients & can adjust to any allergy or dietary restrictions. She will let you know the price of the class, & you can find her email by scrolling down to the bottom of this post! Trust me, you’ll want to snag her up before anyone else does! A girl’s night just got 10 times more cooler. I got to enjoy salmon, avocado, spicy mayo, &….okay well let me just show you.

Salmon & Tuna Roll:

Makisteps 2

Like she showed me, she will show you step by step how to stuff your roll, cut it, & garnish with whatever you prefer. The final outcome? Fresh fish, the perfect crunch from the cucumber & slightly under cooked rice (which is how it’s supposed to be, Sam tells me!) & a little soy sauce for the perfect bite of heaven. 

Tuna & Salmon Roll:





Cucumber Roll:

cucumberroll COLLAGE

Now this one was fun! Sam will show you how to simply peel the cucumber, use the flesh to substitute the rice & seaweed, & how you can use the rest for the INSIDE of the roll! This was fresh, light, & healthy! Are you convinced yet?


Now, with all of this cookin’, drinkin’, & laughin with the girls; being comfy is the only way to go. This means a boyfriend tee is the comfiest option! Even better, a boyfriend tee with boozy phrases. This LIT tee by my brand “The Boyfriend Tee, Commitment Free”  is exactly how I was feelin’ about Sam’s sushi, & is perfect since you’ll be accompanied by all the booze you want in the comfort of your own home. You can even surprise your girlfriends with these tee’s for a gift! You can shop more of my tee’s HERE OR just by clicking SHOP at the top of this blog post! :) These are so soft, versatile, & can be worn out on the town or with your favorite pair of PJ pants! Accompanied by some fabulous gold glasses, your girls are sure to be impressed. 


I hope I’ve inspired all of you on how you can show your friends how you really “roll”. If you want to try out Sam’s creations before you book an at home event, you can attend one of her many BYOB sushi classes by signing up HERE! She also specializes in paleo cooking & offers meal plan services in which she will deliver meals for the week straight to your door! Just email her at sdemichael66@gmail.com for details & follow her on Instagram! Time to go eat my life away.



  • Lexi Holden

    omg i have always wanted to make sushi but am too afraid! love this and makes me feel more at ease!! great post :)

    • http://chloes-cravings.com/ Chloe

      Hey Lexi!

      You got this girl! It was actually SO easy & SO fun! Follow me on instagram, I would love to follow you back if I don’t already! IG: chloescravings

  • Pickett Krayniy

    Oh. My. Gosh. Yum! This is so going on my bucket list!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Right? Sushi is life!