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Who else had a minor freak out in Chicago after the weather went from flawless to totally flawed? No worries, we are on the same damn page. So, how does one dress when Mother nature is being a total BEOTCH? I’m here to help you & show you how. Now, of course you can do it anyway you want- But I dressed myself with some essential pieces that are completely versatile & “must haves” for when the weather decides to have a bipolar moment.



& here’s how I did it. I took this orange & blue off the shoulder top & covered it with this sick black trench that I recently found. If it wasn’t for keeping this trench in my closet, I wouldn’t of been prepared for the 45 degree weather. It is the perfect piece for a rainy day without being too heavy! 




I then found one of my fave pair of jeans! I wasn’t going to be in total denial & wear some daisy dukes. So, instead, I rocked some high waisted skinnies that covered my tummy just enough. (Some skin is always okay- It’s my way of saying FU to Mother Nature.) These fringe booties from Toronto were the perfect fit for such random weather because even though they are a bootie, the open toe provided me with a little breathing room (& I got to sport my bright blue toes after being in Florida last weekend!) Can’t beat that fringe detail, either!




What better way to pretend like it’s spring then with a bright lip?! Added my new Matte Gloss by NYX for some boldness. I love adding little pendants to any outfit like the necklace I’m wearing here because its such a simple touch! Best part? I got this piece for $2 on sale at H&M! Let’s not forget this bomb ear cuff that truly is my go to piece. Ear cuffs add an edgy touch to any outfit & are truly effortless.



and there you have it fashionistas! I kept some essential pieces in my closet (i.e trench coat, high waisted jeans, & booties) just incase we were hit with terrible weather. Getting rid of your heavy winter coat & those winter boots is totally okay- but when you live in a city where the weather is up and down- do yourself a favor & always have options! This way you don’t have to sacrifice a great spring piece (like this off the shoulder top that I’ve been wanting to rock) & can style it in a “warmer” way. Let’s be honest, Chicago is & always will be unpredictable- but we love it anyway.

Outfit Deets:

Trench: TJ-MAXX $12// Shirt: Forever 21 $7// Pants: Forever 21 $7// Shoes: TJ-MAXX $15// Necklace: H&M $2//  Lip: NYX “Aribaba” $3 at Nordstrom Rack

  • http://www.ironhoney.com Melissa (Iron + Honey)

    Oh god I know! I’m so sick of this weather…literally…I’m sick. From the weather. Headaches, cold, sore throat. I’m done. You look really cute though! Love this style! Can’t wait to get my open-toe shoes out (again)!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      HAHAHA you are too funny! I am so done too. Thankfully, today is GORGEOUS! Currently sitting my patio writing this. Thanks lady, these booties are def my fave pair of booties in my closet right now! XO

  • MarvelousintheMidwst

    hahaha I love your caption! I totally agree.. BRING ON THE WARMTH!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Haha I decided to just be honest with that caption. LOL! Today is so beautiful so it’s safe to say it may be Spring….? AHHHH don’t quote me! XO

  • https://theartfulattempt.wordpress.com/ Lydia Guanga


    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Thanks gorgeous! They are seriously my fave pair of booties in my closet right now! XO

  • http://www.Windycity-wanderlust.blogspot.com Sarah @ Windy City Wanderlust

    Ugh this weather! I need a trench… 45 degrees is the hardest to dress for but you’re pulling it off!

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Right? It’s like you want to be warm but you also don’t want to slug around your heavy winter coat. hate it! Def go get yourself a light trench, girl! And with it almost being “Summer”, you’re sure to find some stellar deals! Thanks for stopping by Sarah! :)

  • Kristi Pawlowicz

    DANG girl!! Love this outfit, especially the jeans! <3
    Kristi | Founder, 522 Envy Boutique

    • http://www.chloes-cravings.com chloescravings@gmail.com

      Thanks gorg! They are the comfiest!

  • http://mswildhead.blogspot.com/ Olga.

    I love this boots <3 😀