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I am happy to say I am adding themes to everyday of the week. I will not be doing it this week (except for today) Because I am going to announce the list on sunday and make sure I have everything together. STAY TUNED!

Here, you will find something that is on my wishlist of life: These new Steve Madden flats called: VAMP-R

Why are they on my wishlist? Because they're $99- can't wait until they're on sale!
Why are they on my wishlist? Because they’re $99- can’t wait until they’re on sale!

Not sure what the name means, but who cares, they’re so fab they can be nameless!

How about you? What do you wish for today?

Share your wishes with me!

  • http://notsovaguevogue.wordpress.com Diana

    Just stumbled upon your blog and followed! It’s great! It would be absolutely amazing if you could check out mine! :)

  • http://lucystarer.wordpress.com lucystarer

    Obsessed! Not crazy about the one with the bow, but the other two are incredible.

  • functionallyfrivolous

    I like the idea of themed days. It seems like it would keep you on track. I’d love to try it on my blog can’t wait to see your list!!

    • http://www.chloescravings.wordpress.com chloescravings

      I think so too! Stay tuned, Sunday I will be posting the name of my themes and then starting them up Monday!:) Feel free to check me out on Instagram as well! (link is at the top!)


      • functionallyfrivolous

        I definitely will. I’m at functionallyfrivolous.com and @frivolousfash on instagram

  • http://seeemilyplayblog.wordpress.com SeeEmilyPlayBlog

    These are so great! Love your posts!

    • http://www.chloescravings.wordpress.com chloescravings

      Thanks a lot:) Follow me on instagram: @chloescravings


  • http://thefashionhuntress.wordpress.com The Fashion Huntress

    I really like the pair on the far left! But agree…totally wait for sale :)

    • http://www.chloescravings.wordpress.com chloescravings

      Yup the ones on the far left are what I’m keeping my eye on;)

  • http://adoretoadorn.blogspot.com nancy @ adore to adorn

    those shoes are so dreamy!! DROOOL

  • http://notsovaguevogue.wordpress.com notsovaguevogue

    Just gave you a shout-out on my blog! :)